Fill the Christmas season with creative projects that encourage mindfulness and togetherness

Christmas is a time of homely cheer and togetherness. The interest in creativity is always especially high in connection with Christmas, as this is the perfect occasion to make decorations together with loved ones. This interest has only increased in line with a recent focus on mindfulness and the kind of cosiness that is brought about by an immersion in creatives Christmas activities.

The new products and creative ideas in the Creativ Company catalogue make it easier for you to inspire creative seasonal projects filled with relaxing, immersive hours for both children and adults. With four different Christmas themes based on current trends and demand, there’s something for everyone.

Products are available to pre-order only at the moment with stock being available from August 2021 onwards.

Creativ Company Christmas 2021 Catalogue


Look out for the videos you can download and use in your marketing!

We invite all you wholesale customers to browse the catalogue and select the products which best suit your business. And if you need help, then the Arty Solutions team is here to support you. Book a free call with us and we can chat about how we can help save you time and money.


The Arty Solutions Team

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