Get ready for an autumn filled with creative quality time

Autumn is just around the corner, and for many, this means greater focus on indoor creativity. Interest in these types of activities continues to rise, and as the Creativ Company know from various customer analysis, many people seek the calm, relaxation and contemplation to be found in creative hobby projects.

On this basis, the Creativ Company have developed the new products and inspiration in this catalogue so that you can reach those customers who have withdrawn indoors to immerse themselves in their creativity. This is particularly evident in the brand new learning sets, which offer customers the opportunity to immerse themselves in and learn creative craftsmanship from scratch.

Products are available to pre-order only at the moment with stock being available from August 2021 onwards.

Creativ Company Autumn-Q3-Catalogue


Look out for the videos you can download and use in your marketing!

We invite all you wholesale customers to browse the catalogue and select the products which best suit your business. And if you need help, then the Arty Solutions team is here to support you. Book a free call with us and we can chat about how we can help save you time and money.


The Arty Solutions Team

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