Surefire trends for spring and summer 2022 from the Creativ Company

Spring and summer are bursting with sun and warmth, colour and joy – just like Creativ’s latest catalogue. As usual, they’ve taken market and trend analyses as their starting point to give you their bestselling products for the coming season.

Under the headings ‘Creative Immersion’ and ‘Environmental Responsibility’, you’ll find spring and summer’s trendy, creative products that will inspire you customers with hours of play and fun. There’s also lots of tips for exciting creativity and surefire presentations for your customers.

Look out for the videos you can download and use in your marketing!

Creativ Company spring/summer 2022 catalogue

We invite all you wholesale customers to browse the catalogue and select the products which best suit your business. And if you need help, then the Arty Solutions team is here to support you. Book a free call with us and we can chat about how we can help save you time and money.


The Arty Solutions Team

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